Hellenext: The Next Generation Network

MAKING CONNECTIONS  There’s a new generation out therewith its sights set on exploring every field under the sun, and making its own mark on every profession one can imagine. This is a global generation of go-getters on their way to making the next big breakthroughs.

Our Initiative is a reflection of this generation — a new generation that takes its cues from the future and the possibilities it holds for those who know how to work hard, and how to network productively.

THE LEADING EDGE…  At the leading edge of this generation is a new wave of high-tech innovators and world-class movers and shakers pushing the envelope in virtually every arena of private industry and public life, from the sciences to the arts. They know what skills and experience today’s students are likely to need as they prepare to face the challenges of the future. And they have an inside view of what those challenges will be.

…OF A NEW WAVE OF SUCCESS STORIES  They also know the entrepreneurial spirit that flows in their veins has helped them go further and faster than others — and they see that same spirit in the rising generation. That’s why they’re committed to mentoring the next generation, by providing them positive role models and powerful opportunities to gain leadership skills and experience — and helping a whole generation of the best and brightest students take advantage of opportunities like our internship and leadership programs.

Make your own connections

We invite you to join this global network of executives, professors, entrepreneurs and young professionals who are leading the Next Generation into the future.  


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