Reinventing Greece

A roundup of news reflecting the dramatic changes sweeping Greece, curated by a team of Next Generation students, interns, young journalists, NextGen Master Class leaders and guest editors contributing to the Reinventing Greece Media Project.


The Greek Election Explained

A Guide to Greece’s 2015 Elections

Greece’s future in the eurozone could hinge on the outcome of Sunday’s national election. This brief video explains why this election is important. Greek voters go to the polls on Sunday, January 25th, to elect 300 members of the Hellenic Parliament. The outcome will determine which party — or coalition of parties — can command a parliamentary majority and form a government. Recent polls suggest neither SYRIZA nor New Democracy — the two parties currently ahead in the polls — will be able to do that on their own.
Alexsis Tsipras

Will this man be the new prime minister of Greece? His Grass-Roots Pitch Could Pay Off

Mr. Tsipras, boyishly handsome at 40, leads the Syriza Party, which polls suggest is likely to control the next government after elections next Sunday. He has emerged as a more polished figure than he was in 2012, when he first rose to prominence. In an interview, he waved aside the perception that he would threaten default, saying it was in everyone’s best interest to negotiate a deal. He has none of the strut that might fit his party’s tough talk. He speaks quietly and laughs a lot. He has not worn a tie since his required time in the military...
Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington, on returning to Greece as a successful entrepreneur

As she tells it, her remarkable odyssey, from her childhood in a modest one-bedroom apartment in Athens, to success in America — and today’s launch of the Greek branch of her media empire ( ) — begins with her single mother selling everything, including her last pair of gold earrings, to send her daughter […]
The Greek economy rebounds

Greece bounces back, outpaces Germany to post highest growth in Eurozone

Greece’s economy has returned to growth following six years of recession, official data showed today. Seasonally adjusted figures show that Greece posted three consecutive quarters of growth this year. Greece is now expanding at a rate that is outpacing Germany and France. The robust third quarter reading of 0.7% came as a surprise — analysts had only […]
36 hours in a reviving Athens

Athens: at the forefront of an amazing comeback, led by enterprising Greeks

In a report that makes Athens sound like the new Brooklyn, the New York Times finds the city’s self-confidence and creativity are stirring again—along with new restaurants, dynamic cafés, enticing shops, a world-class arts scene and a blossoming of local pride. “Enterprising young fashion and graphic designers are opening shops celebrating the classic lines of […]
Michael Ignatieff

“If I was 25, I’d want to go anywhere that allowed me to forget I’m Greek.”

What do you tell a young person facing a 50% youth unemployment rate? In this provocative TEDx Talk, a Harvard professor looks squarely at Greece’s “brain drain,” its need to improve the linkage between education, training and employment (“A country that has no future for their 25-year-olds, has no future”)—and how to build on its […]
Thanos Papadimitriou

Thanos Papadimitriou: “I believe opportunity lies just where others believe it doesn’t.”

As a young boy he attended a local public experimental school, one of the first schools in Greece to offer computer lessons. After co-authoring a computer manual at the age of seventeen, he won a scholarship to MIT, and set off on a path that led him to Silicon Valley at the age of twenty-four. […]
A Look at the Revival of Athens

An insider’s guide to the revival in Athens

It’s no joke. Athens is making a comeback, and here’s their insider’s look at a city’s renewal. Coffee and cocktail joints are bringing new buzz to once languishing areas. Homegrown fashion brands are taking over spaces vacated by high-end names. As the new Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center nears completion, TAF and six d.o.g.s. are combining […]