Greeks Give Back: The Next Generation National Student Competition

The Greeks Give Back ChallengeStudents: Do you have an idea for a service project that will create a positive change on your campus, or in your community?  Then you have a chance to win the Next Generation National Student Competition.

The Next Generation Initiative is challenging students on more than 200 campuses across America to give back to their communities where they study — and offering grants to the groups that come up with the most innovative ideas, that have the biggest positive impact and make the best use of available resources.

And if you and your fellow students are already involved in service projects in your community, we want other students to know about it. Show us how you are leading change on your campus or in your community, and you will have a chance to win a grant to support your project.

Innovation and Impact is What Counts — Not Size

Whether you have an idea for a large- or small-scale project, we invite you to make your voices heard!  Submit a project proposal and join a national network of students dedicated to giving back — and gain valuable experience in developing your project idea with guidance from a mentor.

The Competition is open to teams representing all or a portion of their Hellenic student association, as well as individual students of Hellenic descent who choose to work with an existing Hellenic student association, and students who are just forming a new Hellenic student association on their campus.

Students win extra points for recruiting their peers in other campus clubs, alumni, off-campus peers, and local community members or community organizations to partner with their team and participate in the development and implementation of their projects.

The first step

If you intend to apply, please submit a short statement (no more than two pages) of your Intent to Apply by February 29, 2012 (more details below).

Please submit your application with a detailed proposal and budget by April 23, 2012. The most competitive proposals will be selected as semi-finalists and become eligible for small grants towards funding their proposed projects. The top finalists in the Competition will be invited to present their project proposals before an independent panel of judges. The top finalists will receive monetary grants to implement their projects during the 2012-2013 academic year.

The Next Generation National Student Competition is an outcome of the Got Greek? Project’s Next Generation National Student Research Study, and is made possible by a generous grant from the Zapis Charitable Foundation, along with additional support from the Maliotis Charitable Foundation and the Gerondelis Foundation.

Competition Requirements

■ Each team must submit a proposal for a community service project with a detailed project budget.

■ Proposal may be for projects that create positive change on your campus, or in the broader community.

■ Team size is not restricted. Members may be both undergraduate and graduate students.

■ At least one professor of Hellenic-American descent should serve as an advisor for the project. Other professors may serve as advisors, if there is no professor with a Hellenic background available.

■ Teams should consult — and meet with, if possible, at least twice — a mentor during the proposal development process. Teams may request help from the Initiative in finding a mentor.

■ Proposals may be submitted by a Hellenic student association, or by a team with at least three members of a Hellenic student association.

Selection Criteria

Finalists and winners will be selected by an independent panel using the following criteria:

■ The potential social impact of the proposed service project upon others, and how it can serve their needs.

■ The extent to which values that are identified closely with the Hellenic American community, such as — but not limited to — a respect for excellence and education, will be employed for the benefit of the broader community, or serve as a basis for the project. Proposals should include a description of how the values are related to Hellenism, and how they inform or inspire the proposed project.

■ Use of a questionnaire (provided by the Initiative) before and after the project development process, to evaluate any positive change in how connected members feel with each other, their local community, their Hellenic peers and their heritage in general.

■ Level of partnership or collaboration with at least one other organization. This may include, but is not limited to other student groups on the applicant’s campus, Hellenic-American or other organizations active in the community, or other Hellenic American student associations.

■ A detailed budget for a maximum of $1,000 with narrative explanations showing financial feasibility and sustainability.

■ Proposals will receive additional points if they include identification of outside funding, donated services or materials from partner organizations and individual supporters, or if they leverage the resources of other organizations or programs.

To Apply

 Please submit a short statement of Intent to Apply by February 29, 2012, including the names and contact information of your team members, academic adviser(s), a brief description of the project idea, and any additional information that would help in identifying a suitable mentor for the project’s proposal process, and implementation, if selected. This should be no more than two pages.

 Submit your proposal and budget, using the Proposal Application, on or before April 23, 2012. Early application is encouraged as it will allow us to contact you with any questions or concerns that you can address prior to the deadline.

 Following this, semi-finalists will be selected to advance to the next stage of the Competition. Each of the semi-finalist teams will be eligible to receive a small grant towards their team’s project. In the final stage of the Competition, the top finalists will be invited to present their proposals before an independent panel of judges. Arrangements will be made for up to three members of a student team to attend the final competition. Finalists will be eligible to receive larger grants to fund their service projects.

If you have additional questions about applying, please contact

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