The Greeks Give Back Challenge

Just as leaders are measured not by what they have achieved to benefit themselves, but by their contributions to others and to the larger world — those who aspire to leadership, be it a community or individuals, are judged and respected by their efforts to give back.

The Greeks Give Back ChallengeThere are many individuals in our community who have given of themselves — in public service to their country and their local communities, in philanthropy, in science, in the arts, in creating jobs and building vibrant communities. From veterans and their brethren who gave the last full measure of devotion, to teachers, doctors, good neighbors, good citizens, and good parents, our community is full of shining examples. And we should honor their examples — by setting new examples for others to follow.

Giving, however, does not always come automatically. It is a practice learned, exercised — and passed along. And that is the first goal of the Next Generation Initiative’s Greeks Give Back Challenge: to support a rising generation’s efforts to lead, learn and give back through community service.

Leadership through service: the Greeks Give Back National Student Competition

Inspired by Greek American students already involved in service to their larger communities, we aim to encourage all young Greek Americans to give back — by challenging next generation students to create innovative, measurable ways that will serve others in their communities — whether it is by helping smaller or newer groups launch their first project aimed at community service, or helping those who already have experience grow their existing efforts, and increase their impact.

To do so, the Next Generation Initiative has launched the Greeks Give Back Next Generation National Student Competition, to recognize and reward young Greek Americans who develop creative proposals for projects that emphasize community servicerequire teamwork, involve their peers, connect them with mentors, reflect their heritage — and make a positive difference in the lives of others.

The Next Generation National Student Competition is an outcome of the Got Greek? Project’s Next Generation National Student Research Studyand is made possible by a generous grant from the Zapis Charitable Foundation, along with additional support from the Maliotis Charitable Foundation and the Gerondelis Foundation.

It takes a community

The following organizations and individuals from our community are proud to show their support for the students taking part in the Next Generation National Student Competition and showing the world how Greeks give back.

Please join us in thanking the following organizations who are making it possible to offer grants to the student teams who have developed community service projects that meet the Challenge’s criteria and have advanced to the next stage of the Competition:

The American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association
The Alpha Omega Council
The American Hellenic Institute
The Hellenic American Bankers Association
The Hellenic American Women’s Council
The Hellenic Lawyers Association of New York
The Hellenic Society Prometheas
The Ladies Philoptochos Society/Greek Orthodox Church of St. George in Bethesda, MD
The Pancretan Association of America

Please join us in thanking the following individuals for their outstanding support and leadership in making it possible for student teams from around the country to participate in the final stages of the National Competition:

Dr. Andrew Economos

George & Daphne Hatsopoulos
Jim & Ted Pedas 

John Patzakis
William & Constance Vlahoulis

Nicholas Kalis
Theane Evangelis Kapur
Peter Poulos
Michael Zafiropoulos

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