Heck Yeah! We Invented Democracy

When it comes to politics, the founders and friends of the Next Generation Initiative may have very different points of view on a lot of issues, but they all agree on one thing: Heck Yeah! We invented democracy.

This original, tongue-in-cheek get-out-and-vote message was conceived, written, directed and edited by a team of clever NextGen students. Along the way, they convinced some of their fellow Greek Americans — Bob Costas, Tina Fey, Nick Galifianakis, Arianna HuffingtonMaria Menounos, Chris Sarandon, George Stephanopoulos and Betty White — to give their time and talent, to help them remind their fellow students, and all of us, why it’s important to get involved.

Your Vote is Your Voice

Your Vote Is Your Voice 2014Your vote is your voice: that’s the message of our NextGen Votes project. Elections matter, and every vote counts, so it’s important that you exercise your rights and take this chance to speak up, speak out, and make your choice. Use the links below to find out how you can register online to vote, and to find the polling location nearest you.

Learn more about how you can register to vote by going online — and why you should do it today:

Rock the Vote

Find out where you can vote — use one of these online polling place locators:

Polling place locator