Paul Glastris: Humanities majors are doing better than you might think

Paul Glastris’ Washington Monthly points out what may have been missed in a recent report: Humanities majors may earn less than professionals and preprofessionals right out of college, but they make an average of $2,000 more by the time they reach their forties. Other facts: About forty percent of the nation’s 9.6 million humanities bachelor’s degree holders go on to get graduate or professional degrees, increasing their median annual incomes by $19,550. And forty percent of humanities and social-sciences graduates work in areas outside their fields of study.

Paul Glastris

Paul Glastris

Humanities Majors: Doing Better than You Might Think

People who major in the humanities and social sciences don’t earn as much as their classmates in the physical and natural sciences, math, or engineering, but the gap is… Read more at:


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