Applicants to the Greeks Give Back Next Generation National Student Competition must complete the online form below, and submit a detailed Project Proposal that includes substantive replies to the following:

Why are you doing this project, what is the need you are addressing?

Project Description and Activities
This should include a discussion of your project’s purpose, projected activities, partner organizations, target audience, values embodied and communicated, and other elements critical to your effort.

Measuring Impact
How will you know that you have made progress toward your goal? How will you use a questionnaire and other tools to determine progress made or change inspired by your project?

Include estimated value and sources of potential funding — including donated materials, services and other forms of assistance from partner organizations or individual supporters.

Budget Narrative
Narrative description of projected expenses and revenues, providing additional explanation of how your estimates were derived, and what items they cover.

Application Form

Please prepare your application responses in a Word or text document and then copy and paste into this application, so you do not lose your work in case of a technical problem.

  • Please upload your Word document or pdf of your Project Proposal.

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