The Birthright Greece Initiative

The Next Generation Initiative’s Birthright Greece Initiative promotes and supports an alliance of high-quality travel/study programs that bring next generation students to Greece, such as the Initiative’s Athens Fellowship, the  Reinventing Greece Media ProjectAHEPA’s Journey to Greece and the American Hellenic Institute Foundation’s Foreign Policy Trip to Greece and Cyprus.

The Birthright Greece Initiative is a response to the growing interest of next generation students in visiting Greece following the Athens 2004 Olympics — especially on the part of those college-aged students who have never been to Greece.

To meet this interest, the Next Generation Initiative launched the Athens Fellowship in 2007.  At the same time, the Initiative began its support of AHEPA’s Journey to Greece — a program which offers students college credit for summer classes taken on a US-accredited university campus in Athens — and later began its support of the American Hellenic Institute Foundation and its Foreign Policy Program bringing U.S. university students to Greece and Cyprus, followed by the establishment of the Reinventing Greece Media Project in 2011 under the auspices of the Birthright Greece Initiative.

Support of these programs mark the first steps towards the Initiative’s pioneering vision of a “Birthright Greece” alliance, inspired in part by the Birthright Greece vision published in a 2007 Odyssey Magazine article which argued for the expansion of the Athens Fellowship into a program similar to the Birthright Israel program — which is a network of programs that offers thousands of college-age students the opportunity to visit Israel every year.

The Initiative’s continuing work with the government of Greece and organizations such as AHEPA’s Journey to Greece represents the foundation of the Next Generation Initiative’s efforts to make the “Birthright Greece” concept a reality for all the young men and women of the Greek diaspora who have a strong interest in traveling to Greece in a Birthright Israel-type program, as evidenced by the results of the Initiative’s ground-breaking Next Generati0n National Student Research Study.