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The Next Generation On Campus

The Next Generation Initiative connects with students and professors on more than 200 campuses across the U.S.

The Next Generation Initiative’s programs reach more than 7,500 students and 2,500 professors on over 200 campuses across the United States. In addition to working with individual students and professors through our internship, mentoring and Master Class programs, the Initiative is committed to assisting and strengthening the many Hellenic student associations which serve Greek- and Cypriot-American university students. Among them are the 50 Hellenic student associations, listed below, whose members have participated in the Next Generation Initiative’s Got Greek? Project.

If you are interested in joining a Greek American or Hellenic student association and cannot find a current contact on your campus — or if you would like help in starting a student group on your own campus — please click here to contact our Campus Outreach Coordinator.

The American University Hellenic Society
The Hellenic Student Association at Berkeley
The Hellenic Society of Boston College
The Cal Poly Hellenic American Organization
The Hellenic Student Association at Carnegie-Mellon
The City University of New York Queens College Ikaros Hellenic Club
Hellas: Columbia University’s Undergraduate Hellenic Association
The University of Connecticut Hellenic Student Association
The Hellenic Student Association at Cornell
The Hellenic Student Association at Drexel University
The Hellenic Student Association at University of Florida
The Fordham University Hellenic Society
The Hellenic Society at George Mason University
The Georgetown University Hellenic Association
The George Washington University Hellenic Club
The Hellenic Society at Georgia Tech
The Harvard Hellenic Society
The Hellenic Students Association of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
The Lehigh University Hellenic Club
The Hellenic Student Association at Loyola University Chicago
The Hellenic Students Association of MIT
The University of Michigan Hellenic Student Association
The Hellenic Students Association at Michigan State University
The New York University Hellenic Heritage Association
The Northeastern University Hellenic Club
The Hellenic Students Association at Northwestern University
The Hellenic Organization of Occidental College
The Hellenic Student Association at Ohio State University
Old Dominion University Hellenic Student Association
The University of Pennsylvania Hellenic Student Association
The Aegean Club at Rice University
The Hellenic Cultural Association of Rutgers University
The Hellenic Society at St. John’s University
The Hellenic Society of St. Joseph’s University
The San Francisco State University Hellenic Student Association
The Seton Hall University Hellenic Society
The Hellenic Society of University of South Florida
The USC Hellenic Student Association
The Hellenic Students Association at Stanford University
The Temple University Hellenic Society
The University of Texas Hellenic Student Association
The Hellenic Society at Tufts University
The Hellenic Society of the University of Virginia
The Hellenic Association at Virginia Tech
The Hellenic Student Organization of the University of Wisconsin at Madison
The Yale College Hellenic Society