The Reinventing Greece Launch Team

Members of the Reinventing Greece Launch Team in Athens

We are team of students, interns and young journalists working together to launch the Reinventing Greece Media Project.

We are the next generation. We are the latest in a long line of generations that survived centuries of occupation, fought Fascist and Nazi invaders, defied dictatorship and deep economic hardship — in struggle after struggle that divided families, emptied villages and forced sons and daughters off to sail the seven seas, many never to return. And each struggle saw a new Greece born.

Reinvention is nothing new to Greeks. Some might say that Greeks even invented it. And today, in a new time of struggle, hardship and dramatic change, a new Greece is again taking shape.

We are here, at this latest crossroads, to ask, to listen, and to learn — where is Greece headed? We are not here to make pronouncements, but to start a conversation: How does a nation reinvent itself?… What are the forces that are already shaping tomorrow’s Greece?… Who will be effected — and how?… Which new ideas could bring positive change?… Where could they come from?… What changes are being overlooked in the headlines of the moment?… And why?

Who is looking ahead and thinking about Greece ten years from now? We certainly are — because we are the generation that will be working, living, starting businesses and raising families in the world where Greece is heading. We did not create today’s crisis, but we will inherit the Greece that is being born today.

We are here to look forward, toward the Greece of the future. We invite you to join us.