OPENING DOORS  We all know that a chance to get a foot in the door is often the first step towards success in any field. Today’s students know that internships can help them get a good look at a particular profession, give them a chance to focus their career interests — and offer them a great opportunity to gain valuable work experience and contacts.

OPPORTUNITIES FOR ADVANCEMENT  Our Next Generation Internships help next generation students get the experience they need, by matching their academic interests and career pursuits with internship opportunities and mentoring possibilities in a variety of fields and settings. These opportunities range from one-on-one mentoring, where a student is advised by a leader or expert in a particular field, to one-month or longer internships.

THROUGH A GLOBAL NETWORK  Our program offers students access to these opportunities through the Hellenext network of internship hosts and sponsors committed to mentoring the next generation. Typically conducted at a sponsor or mentor’s place of work or business, the internships they offer through our programs are open to next generation students with clearly expressed academic or professional interests, and recognized capacities for leadership, service and achievement.

Students: Get your foot in the door

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Executives and professionals: Help the next generation advance

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